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About TCH

From humble beginnings on an internet group entitled 'women hunting men' to the presently named 'The Cruel Huntress', the group gathered momentum to over 10,000 members worldwide!

Mainly an interest group about the fantasy of being chased down by dominant females in all types of guises from Equestrian women to leather clad Dominatrix-style Ladies, we exchanged our fantasies and what we would love to occur in our deep dark desires but sadly the gap between fantasy and reality had become too distant.

After a couple of years in the BDSM and meeting the right people a proposal was put forward to use a BDSM friendly area for a small concentrated 'Hunt' using paintball guns as the medium for capture. This proved very successful and led the way to form the outdoor activities we now enjoy.

There are usually two Hunts with a 'weekender' per year, this is all depending on circumstances and the weather ofcourse. A strictly controlled group with almost all members necessarily vetted either through locally run Munches where we interview prospective participants or where those interested are vouched for by known regular members.

Places are limited and so those who regularly attend are given first refusal on places with further places becoming available soon after but everyone is given an opportunity to attend once they have signalled their interest either through this website or other associated groups.

The activities on Hunt day vary widely from mild fetish play to heavy SM play all depending upon the prey and the Huntresses who take part on the day, play is never guaranteed but always occurs due to the family atmosphere we generate, most people know eachother and regularly attend which is conducive to the headspace needed for this event.

Please feel free to navigate this site using the menu buttons overhead. If you wish to know more, ask a question or indeed apply for events then please click on the Hunt or General application buttons above where you will be prompted to sign up or indeed login if you already have a username/password. Some of our pages are password protected and only available for our members so sign up now.

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