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What are they? TCH Winter parties are general BDSM & fetish play parties in an indoor dungeon space, usually in Walthamstow, E17. They take place during the winter months when the weather isn't conducive to our outdoor human hunting events. They are a celebration of the small corner of the fet landscape we have created, where we can get together in the depths of winter's darkness while we wait for spring and the huntresses to blow their horns again.

What AREN'T they? The winter parties are not hunting events, and they are not femdom events. There is no set dynamic - everyone is welcome, as long as they have an interest in our summer hunting events, have been to them in the past or are friends &/or play partners of people who come to our hunting events.

There are no structured activities.

How can I get a ticket? Recent Hunt participants/party attendees will be sent invitations in advance of the general release. Past participants can email us to request a ticket at our usual email address once the event listing is published:

New applicants are welcome to apply using the box provided below, please fill this out to be best of your ability and we will reply in due course.

Full venue address and house rules will be sent to ticket holders.

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